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Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu

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Our Supporters

Our mission to create a rural integrated programme in Manjakkudi has been enabled by the generous support of our long-term partners. Their contributions are invaluable in helping us sow the seeds for a better tomorrow.

Health and Well Being

One of the key aspects that underline the rural-urban divide in our country is the lack of sufficient healthcare facilities in our villages. To address this lack, SDET has established a Wellness Centre and Ayurveda Clinic, and maintains a 24-hour ambulance service manned by an experienced nurse. These facilities have helped the residents of Manjakkudi and neighbouring villages with channels of help and assistance when in need.

Ayurveda Clinic

With a focus on reviving old knowledge systems while adapting them to today's lifestyle, SDET established an Ayurveda Clinic to reduce the growing dependence on western medicine and to preserve and promote traditional medicine. Set up in 2005, the Ayurveda Clinic in Kodavasal specialises in traditional medicines and treatment. Dr. S. Rajendran, trained at the renowned Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (near Coimbatore), along with his team of trained medical staff provides free of cost consultation to the villagers while the treatment and medicines are given at subsidized prices. The clinic attracts more than 150 patients a month, some coming from places as far as 30 km away, and even from metros like Chennai and Bengaluru.

SMT Godavari Khilanani
Wellness Centre

The Smt. Godavari Khilanani Wellness Centre was inaugurated in September 2017. Donated by Dr. Prem and Dr. Urmila Khilanani, the focus of the centre is to promote quality life, progressive development and healthy behavioural patterns among the students of Swami Dayananda Matric Higher Secondary School, SwamI Dayananda College of Arts & Science and the villagers living in Manjakkudi.

Rural Ambulance

A 24-hour ambulance service manned by an experienced nurse has been provided to support the emergency needs of the villagers and ferry them to the nearest government facility in Kodavasal.