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Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu

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Our Supporters

Our mission to create a rural integrated programme in Manjakkudi has been enabled by the generous support of our long-term partners. Their contributions are invaluable in helping us sow the seeds for a better tomorrow.


Global Youth Leadership Program (GYLP)

The Global Youth Leadership Program (GYLP), organised by AIM for Seva USA (sister organisation of SDET), provides volunteer opportunities for Indian-origin American students to work with children in rural India and as well partake in a cultural exchange. The program is open to high school students who have attended Purna Vidya cultural heritage classes, Arsha Vidya Gurukulam camp, any spiritual class or have been AIM for Seva student volunteers in the past. This programme is designed to foster appreciation of each other’s opportunities to give and receive, and eventually become contributing members of society.

GYLP participants travel to rural India, stay in the villages, teach/learn with children from grades 6 to 9 at the schools in Manjakkudi. Each GYLP participant will teach spoken and written English, hands-on science concepts, mathematics, Indian classical music and dance, American history, and sports to an assigned class of students. Participants also visit the Chatralayam run by in AIM for Seva (located in Manjakkudi), visit the local Hindu temples and attend cultural events, which will allow them to be immersed in Manjakkudi’s customs and lifestyle.

For more details about GYLP, please write to Mr. Srini Raman at